Tito Tahan Featured in Net News Ledger

Why Diversify?: Entrepreneur Tito Tahan Shares The Importance and Relevance Of Being Diversified

As an entrepreneur, investor and multiple business owner, Tito says he cannot promote diversification enough to the world. Position your capital to grow aggressively. Apply this to active or passive income, capital gain and even earned income. Risk, whether financial or not, should be calculated equally and should be minimized by being spread across multiple streams. This strategy increases your longevity and financial stability in any failure event.

It’s impossible to calculate where you’re going without appreciating where you’ve been. Tito has had his share of investment mistakes and failures, from incompatible partners to products that didn’t deliver. Due diligence and focused research are important when diversifying. He wants people to be passionate, however, one must remove emotion when making investments in building a diversified portfolio…

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