Tito Tahan Featured in New York Weekly

Tito Tahan Is Dominating the Music Industry with His Versatile Set of Skills and Talent

These days, the music industry has become exceedingly saturated with multiple talents popping up and cropping up from all over the place. It takes an amazing music producer to sift through all the talent and find the best of the best, Tito Tahan is one such person. He is an American Multi-Platinum music producer in addition to being an investor, coach, sync, licensing expert, writer, and omni-creator.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Tito Tahan is of Peruvian and Puerto Rican descent. He is most known for producing music for TV networks and production companies such as BET, MTV, OWN, TV ONE, HBO, Lionsgate, and many more. He’s a renowned member of the music industry and he has been making moves to look for more talent…

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