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Are you an artist, producer, dj or just want to get in the music industry? A Music Consultation by Tito Tahan provides professional insight, the background and experience with steps to take for your career to the next level. 

With almost two decades of experience Tito Tahan has been producing records, touring the country and discovering talent. Tito also has a background in owning and operating multiple successful businesses in addition to years as a record label owner as well as tech start up influencer. Choose from ether Phone Call, Skype Call or In Person formats.

Formats / Includes:

  • PHONE Format: One (1) – 60 min Music Consultation via Phone Call (will schedule time / date)
  • SKYPE Format: One (1) – 60 min Music Consultation via Skype Call (will schedule time / date)
  • IN PERSON Format: One (1) – 60 min Music Consultation via In Person (will schedule time / date / Cleveland, OH Only)
  • One (1) – FREE verbal Beat or Song Critique.
  • What does it take to get a record deal and do you really need one.
  • How to set budgets for your projects and create a roadmap.
  • What are PRO’s, publishing, royalties, mechanical rights, spit sheets.
  • What are copy rights, licensing, sync licensing, distribution.
  • Do you need a manager, publicist, etc and can you do it yourself.
  • Should you create / sell merchandise, pricing points and distribution platforms.
  • How to book your own tour or piggy back on another tour.
  • How to license your music in films, tv shows, commercials and video games.
  • How to make a enough revenue with your music to quit your job.
  • Provide a brief brand evaluation with corrections.
  • Answer any questions related to the music business.
  • 72 hour turn around. Could take longer if have many open projects, will send email if so.

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