Beat Critique


Is your beat ready for a placement? Before sending a beat that isn’t ready and waisting your one and only opportunity of a first impression. Beat Critique will provide you with career-building feedback and professional evaluation of your work.

Tito Tahan’s expert advice and insight will help you advance in your music career by highlighting your strengths and offering ideas for improvement of any weaknesses your music may have. Choose from ether PDF, Phone Call or Skype Call formats.

Formats / Includes:

  • PDF Format: One (1) PDF Beat Critique via email. (24 hour turn around)
  • PHONE Format: One (1) – 30 min Beat Critique via Phone Call. (will schedule time / date)
  • SKYPE Format: One (1) – 30 min Beat Critique via Skype Call. (will schedule time / date)
  • Sound / Instrumentation evaluation.
  • Composition / Production evaluation.
  • Sequencing / Arrangement evaluation.
  • Mixing / Mastering evaluation.
  • Marketability / Market Place evaluation.
  • Five (5) star criteria rating.
  • Answer any five (5) questions music business related.
  • 72 hour turn around. Could take longer if have many open projects, will send email if so.

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Earn up to 149 Points.

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