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Text Tito Tahan

First off, thanks for your interest in signing up to my #TextTito texting platform. Let’s start with the basics, if you’re not signed up for my texting platform, click the link below and get signed up NOW! If you are signed up, I want you to know that I have “groups” that let you opt-into and receive the texts you want most. Please see the FAQs section below to full details. Text you soon!


#TextTito Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Its simple, click the link above or just text 1-216-238-6868 and follow the steps!

What topics can I follow?


What tips can I follow?


How do I opt-in to all groups?

It’s super simple – just text me with the hashtag or hashtags list above and send it!

How to opt-in and opt-out to groups?

You can opt-in by simply texting me the hashtags you’re interested in. If you ever want to opt-out of any of the above groups, just reply with #optout and the group name and we’ll remove you from that group. There will be no confirmation message in either case.

What if I don't opt-in to any topics?

You’ll still get messages that I sent out to all #TextTito community members, just not specific ones around specific hashtags. Essentially you will get all messages from every topic.